6th ODI : Nz vs Sl Cricket Preview 25th Jan 2015

So today the team will have to win because this is the final decision of this series. If the New Zealand team will win the match then it’s the final match and in this Final match they had performed their best and they won the match. Even now the series have been end but still the Sri Lanka team will play for their honor to win the last match of this series and get a last chance to save their little bit respect for World Cup 2015 and in this series.

So In this series if they performed well then it’ll be the final series for them. This series can lead them to win or lose the matches. This Series was very final before the World Cup 2015. So it’s decided that Sri Lanka can’t play well and it’s against them according to the decision. So this decision can take them to high or low place in the cricket.

The main dependency of the team New Zealand is on Brendon McCullum to lead them to win and in these ODI’s he took them the hosting team to 5-1. This is really great for their players. New Zealand Wicket Keeper is also performing best as he made the unbeatable scores in this series. He scored 170 as a Wicket keeper it’s a great scores. This is real pride for him to score such for his team.

So in this Sri Lanka vs New Zealand 6th ODI they really performed well so that they’ll win the match. This winning is great for them.

Sri Lanka vs West Indies 6th ODI
Sri Lanka vs West Indies 6th ODI

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